REAL For developer, creatives and context sensitive projects.
COALA is the one-stop-shop for any kind of real world data.
Use it to create real-world AR games, meaningful AR applications or smarter apps.
WORLD DATA Start mapping

Slide CONTEXT AWARE LOCATION ASSESSMENT COALA is the one-stop-shop for any kind of real world data.
Use it to create real-world AR games, meaningful AR applications or smarter apps.

First Slide Create in-app maps with streets, buildings, rivers and much more. Get information about buildings, restaurants and supermarkets. Maps for Developers Second Slide POI Generation Create your own static or dynamic points of interest, with added information and events of your choosing. third Slide Elevation Increase your overall map appearance with mountains, valleys and hills for an even more realistic digital twin of the real world. Fourth Slide Implemented Real World Weather Have different weather in your app, based on the current real world weather conditions in that location. Add moon and tidal phases, the current position of the sun and more.

CRIME 01 Crime Data Create crime heat maps based on different crime statistics , or warn your users based on crimes at their real world positions. get your API Key
TRANSPORTATION WHY COALA 02 Transportation Get live transportation data on airplanes, trains and buses - in your area or around the globe. get your API Key

POI WHY COALA 03 User Generated POI Let your users create custom points of interest in the real world get your API Key

Multiplayer WHY COALA 04 Multiplayer Set visibility of different users for your project, be it on the whole map or just in specific areas. get your API Key
Zoning WHY COALA 05 Zoning Set up specific areas in the world and turn them into unique identifiable areas. get your API Key
PUSH NOTIFICATIONS WHY COALA 06 Push Notifications Send out context sensitive push notifications when the user enters or leaves a certain context. get your API Key

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Slide SDKs Want to have it all now, ready to go? Check out
the COALA plugin for UE4 here (three different
map styles available):
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Unreal Engine 4 Our SKDs are available for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity Engine.
You can find our SDKs at the Unreal Marketplace and Unity Asset Store.
COALA Demo Real Video - Click to play or visit Unreal Marketplaceplay_arrow Unity A project for Unity can be found here:
Visit Gitlabplay_arrow

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